Sunday, February 10

No Marshals No Race! - We need you!

It's well known fact, across all forms of Motorsport that Marshals are essential to every meeting.

Radio marshals, flag marshals and others all perform a vital role in any motorsport event and Motorcycling is no different.Every year more and more are needed to fulfill meetings across Ireland so the drive to recruit new volunteers is important.

If you fancy moving from the spectators confined space to the exclusivity of marshal zones or would like to get more involved in Motorsport, now's your chance as the annual training days are scheduled for next month in Mondello. See the details below, or message us here for any details.

Marshal training days @ Mondello Park
March 9th & 10th
The Motorsport Marshals Association will be holding training days in Mondello Park on March 9th & 10th. We cover both car and bike racing and are looking for Marshals to join the team. Saturday will be out on circuit marshaling the licence assessment day for new bike racers, if you've never marshalled before you will be put out with experienced Marshals who will explain the role of Marshals and you will get to experience what's involved in marshaling on a live circuit.Sunday will be in the classroom. We will cover flags and their meaning, incident handling for cars and bikes and go through all you need to know about marshaling a race event.All are welcome to attend either or both days.Sign on for Saturday is @ 8.30 in the marshal room above the bar.Sign on for Sunday is @ 9.30 in the marshal room above the bar.

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