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Rider Profile - Nicky Farrissey Lightweight Supersport

Ana Carrasco has done wonders for women in sport after winning the 2018 World Supersport 300 Championship.

We'd love to see more women racing in Ireland, so we caught up with Cork's Nicky Farrissey for a word about her experience.

Name:  Nicola (Nicky) Farrissey

Hometown:   Minane Bridge   Co .Cork

First motorbike memory:  Begging my uncle too give me a spin on the back of his bike

2019 racing class:  Lightweight Supersport - Moto400

Favourite track:  Bishopscourt  (St. Angelos is a close second )

Best result:  Hillclimb: - First in Classic Superbike 2014

Short-circuit:- 3rd in Moto 400cc Cup Championship 2018

Ambition or goal:   To get faster!!!

Advice for new competitors:  Make sure your bike is in perfect order and remember too have fun its no good if you’re not having fun out there.  Don’t forget that no matter who you are and no disrespect to those at the top Male, Female, Young, Old, Superbike to Support, 1st or last.
You deserve to be there is something I have forgotten in the past but have been reminded by fellow racers and those that used to race and I am very grateful too them  for the kind reminder
A few nice memories come to mind.

I was given a book last year too read by someone who has always given encouragement from day 1 he’s always said “don’t underestimate yourself Nicky”. Great advise that I really need to remember.
I have never had a sponsor my first year racing we went up too Mondello with a borrowed van and a borrowed (all given back) marquee. We did not have the common sense too bring a heater so kinda froze sleeping in the back of the van (lols!) the next morning water in the glasses had frozen  we always bring a heater now.

Last year a fellow racer who has given so much support from day 1 and whom I have so much time for tried to help me.  His partner had also in the past paid for a track day for me and tuition with Jeremy McWilliams I'll never forget their kindness

2015 was a bad year for me racing.  When I got back on the saddle in 2016 I had problems with my bike but, a dear friend that used too race very kindly and bravely offered me his 125 Aprilia. He was fantastic; I wish I could have done better for him. Another act of kindness I will never forget.
When I was travelling up too race on my own I was never alone when I pulled up too set up there was always the kindest lady too help me put up my marquee, again more kindness I’ll never forget.
The memories go and on and there are so many more too tell.

The reason I am sharing these few memories is let anyone thinking of starting in this sport know that it is not like any other sport you will find. It is thrilling and exciting, challenging. Yes it will break your heart as well as make it sing and you will find the some of most wonderful people you could ever meet. I have been involved with a few different sports and that’s why I stay with this one.

Motorcycle hero: Joey Dunlop

MotoGP v WSBK:  no preference

Valentino or Casey: Valentino

Money no object motorcycle:  Blade 
I was kindly allowed too take one for a spin last year loved it!!

Fill in below what your plans are for this year including people\sponsors, bike information and fundraising activities.

I hope to be back out on my NC30, all going well

My Husband Robert and daughter Shell back me all the way 😊

I would like too take this opportunity too thank everyone for their support


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