Wednesday, November 14

Dunlop Masters Pro rider upgrades

2019 Rider grading changes
Any rider not mentioned in the grading changes will retain the grade that they raced with in 2018.
In addition to the above, the championship organizers reserve the right to add new entrants to the series to whichever class they deem appropriate and to upgrade additional riders once the season commences if necessary.
Any rider switching from Superbike to Supersport or vice versa will retain their grading as per the below list except in exceptional circumstances. In a case where a rider due for upgrade in Supersport swaps to Superbike they may be given a one season exemption from upgrade. All grading decisions shown here apply to Masters races only and can be appealed before the start of the 2019 season.

Chris Campbell
Michael Prendergast
Gary O’Brien
Jamie O’Keefe
Keelim Ryan

Kevin Baker
Eoin Collins
Wayne Sheehan

Images courtesy Mondello Park and Johnny Sweeney

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