Wednesday, October 17

Jeremy McWilliams added to Sunflower entry

McWilliams returns to the Sunflower Trophy Meeting.

Age is no barrier for globetrotter Jeremy McWilliams, who will team up with Ryan Farquhar’s KMR Team for the end of season Sunflower Trophy races. A past winner at this event, McWilliams will compete in the Supertwins and make his Moto 3 debut on machines supplied by former road racer Ryan Farquhar.

In recent years, Jeremy has participated in various events on KMR bikes, and has proven that despite his age, he can still run with the best. A regular front runner at Classic events, the former Grand Prix competitor is well known for his development work on racing motorcycles and is a past winner at the Sunflower event in the Supertwins on KMR machinery.

He will be joined this weekend by Canadian Darren James, who will ride in the Supertwin class, which already boasts an excellent entry including, newly crowned British Champion Eunan McGlinchy (McAdoo Kawasaki), Glenn Irwin (Burrows Engineering Kawasaki), Robert Kennedy (Cloverdale/ILR Paton), Paul McClung, a double winner here two year ago and recently crowned USBK Supertwin Champion, Gary McCoy.

Speaking to Farquahar ahead of the event: “For me today (Wednesday) and the weekend is more about testing new parts for next season. Had loads of things for Derek to test after the UGP, but due to his injuries, Derek wanted to concentrate on getting fit for2019 so there’s no doubting Jeremys ability to test things. From a team point of view, it’s all about next year’s NW and TT. Darren James didn’t get much track time at the NW so he’s back to get a spin out and try and put his misfortune behind him.”

 Jeremy McWilliams;
“Just arrived back from Portimao, I’m riding a twin and moto 3. First time on a moto 3 bike so that’ll be interesting. Ryan been busy with some new things to test today (Wednesday) on the twins and make a decision depending on what we prefer to race on Saturday. No superbike for me, the twin race looks like a good line up so looking forward to see how Ryan’s bikes have developed since I rode the NW.”

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