Saturday, October 27

2019 Kells Road Races GSXR1000R competition launch

Kells Road Races today officially launched their fundraising campaign in a bid to host the 2019 Road Race on the Crossakiel circuit.

The 2018 committee gathered at CC’s Unlimited Kells with a group of riders and racers alike to promote the effort which currently involves raffling a brand new Suzuki GSXR1000R. With ticket numbers being limited to 500 to maximize the chances of entrants, the Club has put in place online services so that potential punters can purchase tickets easily. Tickets are prices at €100 each but, syndicates are welcomed to spread the ticket cost.

On hand to reveal the new bike in Kells this morning, were CCs owners Christy, John and family whose well stocked shop provided some welcome snacks and warm drinks for those that traveled. Also involved in the promotion, was popular Monaghan Road Racer Joe Loughlin who seemed at home on the 1000cc Superbike.

The raffle will go some way in helping the club return to the 2019 National Road Racing calendar but, will not fund the entire running of the meeting. It’s hoped that Road Racing fans, both in Ireland and abroad will fully support this effort to ensure the success of the event and the continuity of the sport within Ireland.

To sign up for the raffle you can use the email address or contact the committee via their Facebook page, Kells Road Races for more information.

Words and images - Andy Quinn

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