Friday, July 13

2018 Race of the South – Walderstown welcomes this weekend

The Race of the South takes place this weekend on the Walderstown circuit in Westmeath. The most central roads circuit in the country draws huge crowds to view the high speed straight at the start\finish as well as the tricky tight sections out the back.

Top entries are expected to entertain fans in Superbike, Supersport and all support classes also. Expect local rider Derek McGee to go well there but, Derek Sheils and Micko Sweeney will be both be in the mix too. Wander round the paddock to get a good look at the cracking motorcycles that will be taking to the road this weekend.

Roads close Saturday afternoon\Sunday morning, so get there early and find a good spot to spectate. The weather is to be excellent and we recommend plenty of sun oil and water but, there will be catering on site too in case you run out.

Bear in mind that many times we are allowed race the roads due to the good nature of local land owners that give up their property to us for the weekend. Please respect the area you stand in and leave it as tidy as you found it.

Marshals and officials are there for your safety, please obey their instructions and keep out of prohibited sections.

Wising the Club, Riders, Travelling Marshals and Medics a brilliant weekends racing.

Words and images – Andy Quinn

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