Tuesday, June 5

Rider Profile - Michael Gillan Supertwins

His first race was in 2005 in the Supersport 600 class where he came 4th in the Championship. Then he moved to road racing. His second year of road racing he came 6th in the Championship in Senior Support. In 2009, he came 10th in newcomers in Manx GP and 28th in the Senior Max GP. 

Due to recession he took few years break form racing and come back in 2017 where he competed in Mondello Masters Superbike cup. His best position was 2nd and he came 3rd in championship.

This year he changed class to Supertwin where he will compete in Mondello Masters and hope to go back to road racing. He came 5th in the second round of the Masters after rebuilding the engine on the new bike. You can see his race reports on his Facebook page Gillan racing

Images courtesy of Baylon McGaughey

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