Thursday, June 7

Pre-TT Derek McGee interview

A Year on the Roads and Short Circuits

AQ: What’s the plan for the year?

DM: My main aim is the TT; I want to get back there. This is only my 3rd year and I missed last year so I’m not gearing up for results. I’ll take it steady practice week and see what happens after that.

AQ: What are the weapons of choice this season?

DM: I’ve got the same MSS ZX10 as last year, the ex-Tarran McKenzie BSB 600 and then the KMR Supertwin from Ryan Farquhar. I’m looking forward to riding that, it’s a bike that can win anywhere. I’ll bring it to the TT and see if I can learn off Ryan from his experiences there too, that should help me along. Then, the Joey’s Bar Moto 3 bike we’re going to ride all year at every meeting that runs the Moto3 class.

AQ: And the Southern 100?

DM: Logistically it will be hard with Walderstown around the same time but, we’re going to try to get back there although I don’t know what classes I’ll be in yet. I really enjoyed it last year so it’d be great to get back to give it another lash again.

AQ: You were the fastest newcomer there last year

DM:  Yeah the fastest ever newcomer lap. Think it was a 112 lap I did, just can’t remember off hand. I was well pleased with that anyway.

AQ: Looking forward to the upcoming races?

DM: Looking for the same as last year, give it a good bash and hopefully get on a few podiums and have a bit of luck at the weekends. Probably do a few more short circuit races too. I did the Easter meeting in Bishopscourt on the 600 and was very happy. I haven’t been there in 3 years, 2015 was the last time I was there. In the last race I ran with the leaders for the full race and was placed 4th overall. Just behind Ross Patterson and the 2 McGreevey brothers, 3 very good riders. I was thinking I’d have to be running with those riders for a year or so to get anywhere near them. In the end I was able to hang on to the back of them but, it’s a different type of riding. And even though we didn’t have to change an awful lot to set it up for a track, I thought in the first race I was going as quick as I could but, in the second race I was 1s a lap quicker just getting in with them boys to see what they were doing.

I’m lucky to have brilliant sponsors like NJ Doyne and CITP, homes, EMS modular Signature Orthopaedics, RST Motor Direct, Faulkner sheds, A&H racing that mean I can come here to the likes of the TT to race. Thanks also to Gary Dunlop for the Joey's Bar bike too.

Words and images Andy Quinn

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