Monday, March 19

And now for something completely different! - Competition trials riding in Ireland

When you’ve a few years behind you riding bikes, you think you know a bit. So when you’re invited to try another form of riding you think, fair enough, can’t be that difficult. A bit like when you’ve eaten a lot of different foods and you’re invited to try peas. With chopsticks...

Trials riding is like nothing I’ve done before. The riding position is unnatural at first but, you slowly learn to adapt. Every movement from your feet, legs, torso, arms and head has an effect on the bike and its direction. The front end moves constantly but it’s not panic stations, it’s OK! In fact, riding a trials bike is almost a contradiction to everything that happens when riding on the road.

The trials season begins in August and wraps up in April and there are events nationwide. See for more. Competition is open to all ages from 9 to 90. Check out the calendar for an event near you before the season ends as it has to be the best value 2 wheeled motorsport out there.

Being properly attired helps, turning up in jeans and a cold killer does not. I still had a blast on the Sherco 250 lent to me. It was incredible how quickly I tired and how arm pump set in despite bumbling round in 1st gear like I was on sheet ice. I slowly learned to relax, fix my body position (constantly!) and tell myself it was fine for the front end to move about so much. If you have a friend with one of these, give them a call for a lesson. Trust me, you’ll need a lesson.

Many thanks to Wayne Yore, Stephen and Katelyn Rooney for the loan of the bikes, helmet and scary quarry! I’ll follow you to one of the events very soon.

Words and images Andy Quinn

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