Saturday, February 24

10th Nifty 50 exceed expectations - Results and Photos

Glorious sunshine enveloped Mondello Park today from early morning for the Nifty 50 endurance race. Scrutiny and sign on was brief allowing the riders on track for practice just before 10am. Racing began at 11.15 with the typical “Le Mans” style start.

Smiling faces graced the entirety of the paddock and surrounds as the race continued until just after 3pm. A few minor incidents were dealt with quickly by the marshals, recovery crews and medics allowing racing to continue uninterrupted. 2 riders required some extra treatment.

The day passed quickly as running repairs were made, bikes refuelled and riders changed. A few machines succumbed to the pace however and had to be retired before the finish of the race where some teams managed more than 150 laps.

Many thanks to all involved race officials, marshals, medical staff, spectators, photographers and riders who turned up to support this 10th anniversary Nifty 50 race.

Details of the winning teams chosen charities will be announced at a later date.

Class results below

ABR Moto
Driving Miss Daisy
Funky Junkys

90cc standard
Team Numpties
Bottoms Up

Team Cider
9-5 Work Week Prisoners
Town Mates

Words: Andy Quinn

Images: ‘Big’ Joe Connolly

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