Monday, December 25

Thank you to the Photographers for 2017

While we like to pride ourselves on bringing articles of interest and race reports as well as rider interviews, the cold hard fact is that our text would be useless without images. While Ireland has produced some talented riders, I believe that we also harbour an elite bunch of photographers.

We, at Irish Superbike Racing, are extremely grateful for your work and don’t take for granted the lengths you all go to when capturing the moment.

Here is a selection (in NO order, purely random) of some of your 2017 shots.

Thank you guys, you rock!

Ryan Fegan with Michael Dunlop at Creg ny Baa

Big Joe Connolly with Irish Masters Superbike Champion Richie Ryan

James McCann with MCE British Supersport champion Keith Farmer

Stephen Mahon with Aaron Clifford

Tom O'Hanlon with Thomas Whitmore

Johnny Sweeney with Derek Sheils and Derek McGee

James Foley with Dave Butler

Andy Quinn with Derek McGee on the Joey Dunlop RC 45 at Faugheen

Title photo Tom O'Hanlon

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