Thursday, November 2

Short Circuit Pro Riders upgraded for 2018


The MCUI Short Circuit Commission met on Tuesday 31st October and agreed the following Cup rider upgrades for 2018..

Please note:

(a) This grading also applies to the Irish Masters Series
(b) Once a rider has been upgraded to Pro, that grading stands for both SBK & SS


John Matthews
Paul Demaine
Mark Abraham
Thomas McAdoo
Michael Gillan
Andrew Murphy
Eddie Healy
Aaron Wright
David Halligan


Eunan McGlinchey
Kia McGreevy
Jamie Rea
Mark Abraham
Luke O'Higgins
Kyle Cross
Aaron Wright
Caolán Irwin
Kevin Baker
Graham Whitmore
Patrick Forman
Michael Browne

Images courtesy of Stephen Mahon, Big Joe Connolly and Tom O'Hanlon

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