Saturday, October 14

Keith Farmer interview

AQ: How’s the preparation going for this weekend?

KF: I haven’t changed anything in my preparation for this weekend, it’s been the same throughout the year, with Alistair Morrison my trainer pushing me too my limits and beyond, working as normal and enjoying time with my family when I get home from work. 

AQ: How did the season go from jumping on the Appleyard R6 and thinking “I’m going to try my hardest on this thing, impress a few sponsors…” to “Hold on a minute, I’ve got a shot at a British Supersport title here!” in terms of your riding style?

KF: I went out for the first 3 rounds which I was only to be on it for with the intentions of putting myself back out there on the shelf to sell myself. Then to fill in rest of year whilst Luke Jones’ hand was no better, the team and I gelled really well while all my sponsors Rapid International, Waitings Ltd, Arai, RST, Prestige Custom Coatings and Si Harrington signs stayed onboard with me even though it was all last minute. 

AQ: Are people aware that you have a regular job as well as the BSB commitments and not living a “Rock n Roll” lifestyle? What’s your day job?

KF: I’m not sure if everyone does know I have a full time job, I work as a general operative in the yard in Waitings Ltd which is great as they allow me to have whatever time I need off for racing. That in itself is massive to me as not many companies would allow that especially that I train every morning from 6am -7am then start work at 7:30am. My Boss Adrian is a massive bike fan and has came to every round this year to support me. 

AQ: The Dickies Supersport championship 2017 has seen some tight racing and most of the time it involved 3 Irish riders. You’ve got Andrew Irwin 2nd in the championship hungry for his first BSB win and Jack Kennedy on the MV which, on its day is a potential race winner too. How do you guys get on in the paddock and outside racing given what’s at stake?

KF: Yeah it has been really close racing all year and sometimes more which I don’t mind, I speak to everyone as i have respect for my competitors as they have pushed me to make our bike & myself better this year than there’s. It was all friendly at start of year but as it’s went on, from some riders I get a very frosty reception but in all honesty this makes me laugh as I must have got under certain ones skin. 

AQ: All the best for the weekend, hope it works out.

KF: Cheers, hope so too!

Words: Andy Quinn
Image courtesy of James McCann photography

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