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IFS David Wood Memorial races - Saturday Results

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Race 8 Ophir Motors Sidecars

1. Dylan Lynch
2. Mark Codd
3. Fergus Woodlock
Image by Stephen Mahon

Race 7 Enkalon MCC Race 1 with Dunlop Tyres

Junior Cup

1. Andrew Smyth 
2. Jonny Campbell 

Young Guns Challenge

1. Cameron Dawson
2. Bren Glover
3. Roy Beattie

Image of Andrew Smyth courtesy of Stephen Higgins 

Race 6 Pirelli David Wood Memorial Trophy Race One

1st Kia McGreevy
2nd Korie McGreevy
3rd Christian Elkin

Only 1/10th of a second separated Kyle and Jonny in the Moto3 race!
Race 4 Nutt Travel\PBS\Kenny Duncan with Dunlop and Avon Tyres

1. Kyle Cross
2. Jonny Campbell
3. Nathan Cairns

1. Carl Phillips
2. Mark Camblin
3. Gary McCoy

Race 3 Wiz Knee Sliders Race One

1.       Cody Nally
2.       Ryan Gibson
3.       Carl Phillips


1.       Mark Abraham
2.       John Matthew
3.       Aaron Wright

Race 2 Slemish Water\Walter Bell B race

1.       Anthony Derrane
2.      Gary McAvoy
3.       Gareth Mackey
F1 Era
1.       Chris Campbell
2.       Stephen Magill
3.       Adam O’Boyle
1.       Anthony Derrane
2.       Gary McAvoy
3.       Gareth Mackey
1.       Kevin Lavery
2.       Alan Ellis
3.       Stephen Gough

Race 1 Avon Tyres\Robinson Concrete\SignStik

1.       Darryl Sharkey
2.       Simon Overend
3.       Alan Graham
Production Twins
1.       Shane Sweeney
2.       Jonny Singelton
3.       Adam Crooks
1.       Marty Lennon
2.       Christopher Weir
3.       James Cottrell

   Images by Stephen Mahon, James Foley, Stephen Higgins and Andy Quinn

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