Friday, July 7

Walderstown - Race of the South preview

The “Race of the South” takes place this weekend in Walderstown with Saturday and Sunday sponsored by Principal Insurance.

A favourite with competitors and spectators alike, the fast and flowing main straight is complimented by a tight and tricky back section all the way from turn 1, back to the old Garda barracks.

Superbikes are obviously a favourite on the Fore MC track but, the Grand Final is always populated with a mix of Superstock and Supersport machinery also. While the 1000cc bikes may stretch their legs on the straights, the agile 600’s reel them in in the twisties.

Being the most central road race in the South, crowds are guaranteed to fill the nicely trimmed hedges and vantage points along the triangular circuit, so finding a good viewing spot early on is the name of the game. Moving about in between races is difficult with the speed and efficiency that the races are run.

With the start/finish strategically placed where it is, the warm down lap for each race gives the riders an opportunity to celebrate the length of the lap with the spectators. While actively discouraged, it usually takes the form of a hamfisted burnout or better/worse a well-executed wheelie!

Please obey the marshals, as they're genuinely concerned with your safety! Please respect the local property as the owners kindly allow us to use their facilities, and try not to litter the area by leaving your spectating area as you found it.

If attending this year’s meeting on either Saturday or Sunday, please support this hard working club by purchasing a program, as these go a long way in ensuring the running of the following year’s race.

Finally, this weekend we will remember some regulars that this year will not be present. Sadly Fore Chairman Austin Dobson passed away in 2016 and recently racers Alan Bonner and Dario Cecconi.

Rest easy and Godspeed.

Wishing the Club, Riders, Medics, Photographers and volunteers a safe and successful meeting.

 Words and images: Andy Quinn

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