Tuesday, June 20

Tribute to Alan Bonner

Alan Bonner was laid to rest this afternoon, following a service in his home town of Stamullen that drew incredible numbers. After being flanked by hundreds of bikes on his return journey from the Isle of Man on Sunday, Alan was again surrounded by many saddened family members, friends, fellow racers and fans alike for the funeral mass that saw the #122 image all over the village and surrounding areas.

People traveled great distances to celebrate Alan’s life and that included large numbers from both the North and South of the country. Fellow TT and BSB racer Joshua Brooks was spotted in the huge numbers that couldn’t fit into the church and instead filled the surrounds and nearby Main Street.
Perhaps the most humbling tributes to Alan came from daughter Nicole, fiancĂ©e Gemma and devoted parents Una and Noel, who described the loving and caring times spent with ever smiling Alan. Something we could all relate to. Thanks were extended to the many people that contributed to Alan’s racing career over the years and the support received since the passing of Alan.
The service was heard, hands were shaken, stories were shared and tears fell.
Finally, when all was said, Alan’s remains, draped in a #122 TT flag, left for the nearby cemetery and he was graciously laid down in glorious sunshine in the company of the many that adored him.

Alan Bonner was an extremely talented motorcycle racer and a devoted family man whose absence in the near and distant future will be felt by many far and wide.

Rest easy and Godspeed Bono.
Words and images Andy Quinn

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