Friday, June 9

Senior TT riders finish well in restarted race

Congratulations on finishing the Senior TT in difficult circumstances to Brian McCormack (21st) and Micko Sweeney (22nd) and add another two bronze replicas to their collection.

Well done also in 40th to Sligo’s Richard McLoughlin.

21 43 Brian McCormack BMW / Vanfleet Transport 01:13:21.682 123.433

22 33 Michael Sweeney BMW / MJR Racing 01:13:29.604 123.211

40 80 Richard McLoughlin Kawasaki / Autotech motor repair center 01:16:46.052 117.956

Get well soon to those injured and sincere condolences to the family and friends of Davey Lambert and Jochem van den Hoek.

We especially remember fondly our own friend who also succumbed, Alan Bonner.

Rest easy and Godspeed Alan


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