Tuesday, May 16

What now for Honda’s 2017 Road racing season?

Following the qualifying incident on Thursday, Honda was unable to pinpoint the cause of the issue on the SP Fireblade and so withdrew from the Superbike and Superstock races.

Reports are that John McGuinness stated that the engine didn’t ease off as he rolled off the throttle over Primrose hill, a fact Honda haven’t been able to confirm or deny until the datalogging becomes available.

Neil Tuxworth’s replacement Jonny Twelvetrees had this to say:

“While we got the bike back after John’s crash, we have been unable to get into the ECU and the datalogger to get the information as it’s taken a bit of a hit,”

“That means we don’t know exactly what happened to the bike. John said the throttle stuck, or the engine didn’t cut off and we have no way of looking into that until we can get the bike back into the workshop.

“The bike is actually in quite good condition. Mechanically everything on it is as it should be other than the impact areas. All sensors and controls are working as they should, so we need to get the data to understand.”

All is still go for the TT in 2 weeks time, all we wonder now is the team lineup.

Words: Andy Quinn
Images: Ryan Fegan

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