Saturday, May 20

Post Bishopscourt Irish Championship report - with some results

Big wins in Bishopcourt this afternoon for ISBK racer Cody Nally and in SuperSport Korie McGreevy. Eunan McGlinchey continues to decimate the Production Twin class as Marty Lennon takes a win in the Supertwin race. 

Pre-injection’s Stephen McKeown gave an excellent account of himself as did Terry O’Reilly and Aidan Browne in the Sidecar race. 

F1 racer Chris Campbell hadn’t it all his own way as Mark Murphy grabbed a win. Dean Campbell and Kyle Cross claimed wins in the LWSS and GP125 category.

Missing 5 race results and will post championship table when available.

Well done to the Temple club and the Medics\officials\photographers in Bishopscourt.

Race 1 Avon tyres Ptwin
1st Eunan McGlinchey
Race 6 Pre-injection
1st Stephen McKeown
2nd Johnny Irwin
3rd Darryl Sharkey
Race 7 Avon Tyres Supersport (restart)
1st Korie McGreevy
2nd Jason Lynn
3rd Ross Patterson
Race 7 Avon Tyres Supersport (Cup)
1st Aaron Wright
2nd Eunan McGlinchey
3rd Stephen McKeown
Race 8 Dunlop tyres YGC and Junior cup
1st Cameron Dawson
2nd Tom Greenwood
3rd Brendan Glover
Junior Cup
1st Sam Laffins
2nd Jordan McCord
3rd Andrew Smyth
Race 9 Avon tyres Ptwin
1st Eunan McGlinchey
2nd Johnny Singleton
3rd Darryl Anderson
1st Marty Lennon
2nd Simon Reid
3rd Roy Graham
Race 10
F1 Classic Superbike
1st Mark Murphy
2nd Chris Campbell
3rd Stephen MaGill
ISBcup ‘B’
1st Graeme Smallwoods
2nd Dean O’Grady
3rd Aaron Uprichard
ISScup ‘B’
1st Jack Waring
2nd Kyle Walsh
3rd Gary Wright
Race 11 LWSS and GP125 with Avon and Dunlop tyres
1st Dean Campbell
2nd Mark Camblin
3rd Tam Nicholl
1st Kyle Cross
2nd Jonny Campbell
3rd Andrew Cairns
Race 12 Superbikes
1st Cody Nally
2nd Mark Glasgow
3rd Alastair Kirk
1st John Matthews
2nd Paul Demane
3rd Andy McAllister
Race 13 Pre-injection
1st Johnny Irwin
2nd Stephen McKeown
3rd Darryl Sharkey
Race 14 Avon Tyres Supersport
1st Mark Conlin
2nd Ross Patterson
3rd Korie McGreevy
1st Eunan McGlinchey
2nd Aaron Wright
3rd Jaimie Rea
Race 15 Dunlop tyres Young Guns Cup and Junior cup
Young Guns Cup
1st Cameron Dawson
2nd Brendan Glover
3rd Jonny Campbell
Junior Cup
1st Sam Laffins
2nd Jordan McCord
3rd Andrew Smyth
Race 16 Sidecars
1st Terry O’Reilly\Aidan Browne
2nd Dylan Lynch\Brian Butler
3rd Fergus Woodlock

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