Tuesday, January 31

The Nifty 50 race beckons shortly!

The long dark evenings are receding and talk of the 2017 short circuit season begins. For some it's the need of an entirety of smooth slick tyres and extra dyno runs, for others it's adapting to a new machine in the hope of securing some silverware and precious prize money. Then there are this lot…

The now annual Nifty 50 endurance in Mondello is one of THE most subscribed races on the calendar every year and in fact, the following years entry fills up the week after the current race has finished such is the popularity of the event. Ran as an endurance event with 4 riders per team, it thoroughly entertains from the Le Mans style sprint start to the prize giving later in the bar.

Previous entrants have been ex-MotoGP racer Jeremy McWilliams, Pramac Ducati rider Scott Redding, Jamie Hamiton and current Road Racer Derek Sheils. In keeping with the fun nature of the race, the prize money collected and Mondello Parks generous “gate” money goes to the winners’ nominated charity. Charities like the Women’s Refuge and the Lifeboat association are examples of organizations that have benefitted from the event. There are other trophies given for other categories, but you’ll have to turn up for those as I’m sworn to secrecy.

This year’s race takes place on Saturday February 25th beginning at 11am sharp (read sometime before midday!) and ends in between 3 and 4pm or when peoples interest in watching future  Domino’s pizza delivery drivers dwindles, whichever happens first.

Be fantastic to see a good crowd support this, have a laugh at the antics and support a needy cause. Plus, you never know who may turn up...

Words: Andy Quinn

Images: James Foley\Tom O’Hanlon

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