Wednesday, December 21

Major changes for 2017 Mondello Park Motorcycle Race Events

Following a long consultation process involving Motorcycling Ireland's Short Circuit Committee, Race organising clubs, Mondello Park and Motorcycle Racing competitors, a radical 2017 Mondello Park Motorcycle Racing calendar has been announced.

The new schedule will see a reduced number of events run with each event taking place over two days. The calendar will also see a better spread of events across the season with the opening event scheduled for late March followed by one race meeting per month from May till late September.

To maintain the required number of National Championship events and Masters Championship events within the reduced calendar, three of the 2017 dates will count for both championships. This innovative change has come about due to requests from competitors for less events and the recognition by all parties involved that Motorcycle Racing in Ireland is in need of consolidation and streamlining. All of the Motorcycling Ireland Short Circuit organising clubs are behind the efforts to make the necessary changes and are committed to making Motorcycle Racing in Ireland more promotable and cost effective.

To allow the two series to combine some small changes will be made to Masters regulations. One of the most significant changes will be the Masters promoters adopting the same Cup and Pro gradings as the National Championship. In addition support championship classes at Masters events will now be in line with National Championship regulations. The Master Superbike and Supersport tyre restrictions will be retained, however at combined events only those wishing to score Masters points will be required to comply with them, while riders only interested in National Championship points will be free to use as many tyres as they wish.

The 2017 Mondello Park Motorcycle Racing calendar will have the least number of events for many years but with each event taking place over two days riders can look forward to as much race mileage as they have ever had. Combining the Masters and the National Championship should encourage more competitors to tackle both series and the end result should be a stronger a more stable Irish Short Circuit Racing scene.

2017 Mondello Park Motorcycle Racing Dates

Mar 25th & 26th Masters Superbike Championship
May 6th & 7th National Championship & Masters Superbike Championship
June 24th & 25th National Championship & Masters Superbike Championship
July 15th & 16th Masters Superbike Championship
Aug 5th & 6th National Championship & Masters Superbike Championship
Sept 30th & Oct 1st Masters Superbike Championship

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