Thursday, October 20

Masters Superbike Championship to continue with ‘Cup’ class

Masters Superbike Championship to continue with ‘Cup’ class
Following a decision by the MCUI Short Circuit Commission to discontinue the designation of riders as Cup or Pro in the Superbike and Supersport classes of the Irish National Short Circuit Racing Championship, the organisers of the Masters Superbike Championship wish to state that this will not be the case in the Masters.
The Cup was introduced by the Masters as a way of encouraging new, inexperienced or underfunded riders to compete in Superbike and Supersport, by providing them with their own separate class to race in complete with race trophies, prize money and end of season awards. The initiative proved very popular with competitors and spectators and the promoters of the series see no reason to discontinue the ‘Cup’.
Championship co-ordinator Fergus Brennan said of the series 2017 plans “Although the MCUI will scrap the Cup championship from 2017 onwards we have decided not to follow suit. The Masters will continue to provide an introductory class but we have been requested not to use the Cup and Pro designations to avoid confusion with what went before and we are currently considering this. Whatever way we choose to name the classes the Masters will continue with two divisions of riders in the Superbike and Supersport classes into 2017 and beyond.”
Plans are currently being finalised for the 2017 Masters Series which still has one more event to complete in 2016. The Championship awards night takes place on Saturday December 12th with all of this seasons champions set to attend.

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