Sunday, June 12

Meet the Riders - Nicole Lynch

Nicole Lynch


First motorbike memory:
Being tied onto the back of my Dads R1 with nylon rope because we had to get to Laois in a hurry when I was about 4 years old. They were worried I couldn’t hold on for the length of time I’d have to be on the bike, but at those speeds there was no way I’d have let go haha!

2016 racing class:
European Junior Cup/European Women’s Cup
Irish Superbike Cup

Favourite track:
Of the ones I’ve ridden it definitely has to be Aragon so far.

Best result:
1st place Sidecar Passenger
3rd place in Production 125

Ambition or goal:
My goal is always to just have fun racing. To win a race of the European Women’s Cup would be amazing for me this year, so that’s the biggest ambition I have right now.

Advice for new competitors:
Ask lots of people for advice, but don’t always take it. Gather information, and see what works best for you. “You can ask 10 riders what colour a tyre is, and you’ll get 10 different answers”.

Motorcycle hero:
This is difficult, but it has to be Rossi doesn’t it. I’m a big fan of Nicky Hayden & James Ellison too though.

MotoGP v WSBK:
I’m biased because I race with WSBK so it definitely has to be that for me.

Valentino or Casey:
Valentino hands down.

Money no object motorcycle:

All of them? Maybe Rossi’s M1

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