Friday, June 17

June ISAM Mondello meeting cancelled

It is with great sorrow that we have to announce that our race meeting in Mondello Park in June has had to be cancelled due to lack of entries. 

We had a closing date that we extended, and still we did not get enough entries, and after consulting with other clubs and Mondello management, we have had to make this difficult decision.
We would like to thank the riders who did send off their entries and contacted us, and we will be sending full refunds out to them as soon as possible.

In the 48 years of motorcycle racing in Mondello, I do not remember an event being cancelled due to lack of entries and I hope that this is only a blip and not a trend.

Next up is the Mondello Masters on the 17th of July, followed by the prestigious Leinster 200 & Leinster 100 races on 6th and 7th of August, my advice is get your entries in on time fully completed and paid if you want to race.
Yours in sport,
Jim McDonnell.
Clerk of the course
Irish sidecar supporters club.

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