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Meet the Riders - Damien Fay

Damien Fay


Lusk (from Baldoyle)

First motorbike memory:

When I was about 18 and got a lift from Ballsbridge to Baldoyle, was hooked from then. Have owned bikes pretty much since then.

2016 racing class:

Sidecars: Passenger

Favourite track:  

Mondello park , International circuit

Best result:


Ambition or goal:

To get a few podiums, and grow a couple of inches in height, but at 42 I'm not overly confident

Advice for new competitors:

Buy a sidecar!!!!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you need help or advice ask, the paddock is a wealth of useful knowledge and people who are more than willing to share their expertise. Lastly and most importantly, enjoy yourself, its supposed to be fun!!

Motorcycle hero:

Dave Butler. I call him Dave, he calls me weirdo and has blocked me on Facebook and barred my phone number, but I still sleep with a lock of his hair I stole under my pillow.

Sidecar hero is 8 times Irish champ Dylan Lynch, if i said anyone else Dylan would put chewing gum in my hair.

MotoGP v WSBK:
Moto GP, in that order.

Valentino or Casey:

Vale, his record at the top speaks for itself, good to see him at the sharp end again. Would be great to see Casey make a return.

Money no object motorcycle:

The new ZX10r.

Images (c) Andy Quinn

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