Monday, March 21

Team#109 back Supersport Cup for MCI Southern Short Circuit Championship

Team#109 have stepped up to sponsor the Supersport Cup class in the MCI Southern Short Circuit Championship.

Team#109, set up in memory of Supersport Clubmans Champ Sean Hurley to support and develop young riders here supporting Kevin Keyes and now Scott Swann, have agreed to come onboard the trophy sponsorhip scheme sponsoring the Supersport Cup trophies at a cost of €600.
As part of the trophy sponsorship deal Team#109 will receive the following:
Name over class entry in programme with logo,
2 x entry passes for each of the 4 rounds
Ad on rear of programme
Maximum exposure ensured by me by way of :
Listing of all sponsors and mentions in race reports on, facebook and Twitter.

We are also looking into doing a bit more such as sponsors posters on backdrop for podium presentations and photographs.

There are plans for a Southern Championship awards night at the end of the season.
We have made the Southern Championship a full championship making all licence holders eligible for 2016, not just a Southern Star Awards for Southern licence holders
As if their support sponsoring Supersport Cup their trophies wasn't enough, they have now proposed something a little extra!!! 
A little bit of a prizefund of sorts!!!!
Starting from the first round at Mondello in May, the top 3 point scorers per each meeting in Supersport Cup shall receive discounted entry to the next Irish Championship meeting at Mondello in the following order:
1st - €100 off next entry
2nd - €50 off next entry
3rd - €25 off next entry
This prizefund will be prepaid to the MRC and there will be no cash alternative.

WIth the trophy sponsorship package for Supersport Cup, and now the prizefund, the total cost of this deal to Team#109 is €1175.

This is serious commitment and support and we're very grateful as I am sure all the riders in Supersport Cup will be to see such backing of their class.

If any persons, groups or businesses are interested in coming onboard and sponsoring a class their trophies for 2016 please get in touch.

Thank you

Shane Graham
Leinster Motor Club
MCI Short Circuit Committee
Facebook: Irish Superbike Racing
Twitter: @IrishSbkRacing
pm for phone number.

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