Tuesday, February 16

2016 Rider Grading Changes - Masters Superbike Championship

The 2016 Masters Superbike Championship rider grading changes are lsited below. Upgrades are decided using a combination of championship positions from the 2015 Masters Championship and riders lap times over the course of the season, compared against the fastest Pro Riders.

Due to the different events being considered, and the addition of the lap time criteria, the list of riders upgraded differs from the MCUI upgrade list.

The following riders are upgraded from Cup to Pro for the 2016 Masters Superbike Championship season.

Edward Comerford
Eoghan Delaney
Paudie Keohane

Gary O’Brien
Paul Gaffney
Dean Fishbourne
Michael Rea
Steven Titterington

Any rider not mentioned in the grading changes remains in the same class as they raced in during 2015 whether they have been upgraded by the MCUI or not. In addition to the above, the championship organisers reserve the right to add new entrants to the series to whichever class they deem appropriate and to upgrade additional riders once the season commences if necessary. Any rider switching from Superbike to Supersport will retain their grading as per the above list except in exceptional circumstances such as a relatively inexperienced rider due for an upgrade in Supersport who instead switches to Superbike.

Information courtesy of masterssuperbike.ie

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